I’m Finally Up and RUNNING!

I’ve been attempting to start an online business for years.  I knew I wanted to do something artistic as I’ve been a professional artist for over 45 years. It took a few years but once the Twincesses arrived I knew just what I wanted to do!


WHY I WENT DIGITAL! I have been traveling and selling my artwork at shows and galleries since 1970. I’m finally a grandmother and I want to retire from the hands on, eye to eye selling that has made up my life for the last 46 years. I have sold on eBay since 2001 in addition to the gallery shows but Etsy is my penultimate goal for retirement! Take a moment to look around my brand new Etsy Shoppe!

Trying to use the left side of my brain to learn is painful but I’m hoping as time goes on I’ll get better at promoting my shoppe via social media platforms.  Not an easy task for someone who has been wielding a paintbrush for most of her life!

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