Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday…what a day! First I found an unexpected hosting fee for my blog that I wasn’t expecting (poor management on my part) which left me with 18 cents in my account until SS check day on 3/15. Then in the same email account that is tied to that site I got a message from “Ryan” saying he wanted to have sex with me and another from “Ron” informing me of of his TOP PENlS-Enlargement Supplements for 2017. And finally a note from SeniorPeopleMeet telling me where I can meet mature adults to form a lasting relationship. Unfortunately it only offered me a chance to meet mature women over 50 in my area.

*sigh* it’s a good thing I had a weekend of high entertainment with the Presidential Tweet Storm and my Twincesses!

Since I was changed for another year of this blog I thought I might do a better job of posting to it.  So my new, if somewhat late, resolution is to post on Wednesdays and Sundays. I have absolutely NO IDEA what I can say that would be of interest to someone but maybe I can generate a laugh or two for people who read me and ‘gin up’ my sales on my Etsy shops.

So here’s to my next post that is planned to happen within the next 48 hours.  With the government in such disarray I hope we’re all still here to actually be able to read it 🙂 Ciao…Carolyn



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