International Women’s Day*

I’m a woman, I’m wearing RED so why the heck am I lobbing firecrackers into the ether with today’s blog post.  Because I promised myself that I would! Maybe that’s more important than protesting against the inequality of women…for me, at least.

If you read my last blog post (and there is no reason for me to think that you would have) you would have seen that I had been charged $35.88 for a year’s worth of internet blogging space.  Which left me with .18 cents in my account until next Wednesday! Life has always been and continues to be a challenge, financially.  I’m fiscally irresponsible.  Not because I chose to be bad with money but my artist brain has never been wired to think three steps ahead of ‘oh, I really need to buy that red crayon’! I live in a ‘I’ll worry about that tomorrow’ Scarlet O’Hara world. I’d like to say that my artistic bent is crippling but that would be a lie. I’ve been able to overcome some incredible odds to be where I am. Poor but completely committed to producing ART!

I told my family I was taking the day off but I lied! I’m actually going to be reviving my eBay account to sell my newest art online.  I’ve tried Etsy…FIVE TIMES…and after listening to a podcast yesterday that explained Etsy takes months, sometimes years to actually become lucrative I decided I needed to find a faster way to supplement my $600 monthly SS allowance. So for today, I’ve kept my promise.  It’s Wednesday and I checked into my little corner of cyberspace. Maybe soon I’ll be talking to someone else instead of myself.

Ciao ~ Carolyn, a Jersey Girl

*International Women’s Day, originally called International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. It commemorates the movement for women’s rights.

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