Polls and Forecasts

How many of us put certain aspects of our lives in the hands of the pollsters and forecasters? Plan our lives by what the popular opinion is or the weatherman’s forecast? After this past election cycle and the absolute failure of polls to forecast our future president I should have begun to shy away from listening to ANY opinion about ANY thing in my tiny little space on this planet. But since we’ve been trained to believe what we hear on TV news, see on our Smart Phone apps and listen to the guy behind the counter at QuickChek we have a tendency, nay, a BELIEF that what we are hearing from others is correct.

On Monday our local news was touting major, major snowfall for my area of the Jersey Shore. Since I’m dependent on Social Security to buy my food I was freaking because the cupboards were bare and the freezer had mostly ice, not food. Luckily I have a younger sister who has taken on the job of taking care of her bigger Sis. She suggested we hurry out Monday and she’d loan me the money to buy food and I could pay her back today when SS hit my bank account.  Of course I took her up on the idea.  Thinking about 18″ of snow on the ground and no food was anything but comforting.  The crowds were heavy, the shelves were thinning but since we were there early we were able to get everything on our lists.  As we left I looked up the last aisle and the line led half way up the aisle…people were desperate to get those cupboards stocked.

So come Monday at 11:58 pm (I stayed up late to wait for the blizzard) sure enough the flakes were starting to come down.  I could hear the icy nanochips hitting the leaves as I walked the dog for the last time that day.  I went to bed comforted by the fact that there was food enough for the three of us plus the eight furry bodies who share our life.  I woke up, as I usually do, at 4 am and sure enough the snow was coming down fast and furious outside my windows.  I went back to bed to catch a few more hours of sleep and when I got up at 8 am to walk the dog the RAIN was coming down in torrents. The blizzard had somehow managed to move itself more inland from the coast and we were saved the brunt of the storm.  Yeah, I hear those of you who are cheering that the Jersey Shore was saved from those 18″ of snow…but me…not so much.  I felt cheated.  By those forecasters as much as by Mother Nature herself.  I enjoy a good snowstorm.  It feels like a mini vacay where I don’t have to worry about the outside world intruding on me and I have an excuse to ‘turtle’ as I’m wont to do so much of the time lately.

While I’m on this rant about listening to others I must note that I’m of a mind to be caring of others and their lack of the necessities of life.  So many people are scared of this administration and I think, rightfully so.  I live below poverty level myself but I have a caring family and my art has always seen me though the hardest of times.  But there are some of our brothers and sisters who are not so lucky.  Who go to bed hungry and terrified of a knock on the door and a demand for ‘papers’.  Since when did America suddenly care what color skin suit you were wearing? Since a minority of America elected a president to represent their racist, hateful, bigoted view of the world.  And don’t get me started on the evangelicals…how any person who calls themselves a child of God could elect a man who is against everything that I was taught to believe in my own rigid Christian upbringing is beyond my understanding.  So there you have it. My Wednesday check-in and rant about caring for the weather and my fellow man.

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