Donald J. Trump Release your taxes!

When we were kids my sister and I used to say that our Dad was such a Republican he’d vote for Mickey Mouse if he were the candidate.  I’ve never said this before and I doubt that I’ll ever say it again but I’m happy my father is dead!

The party that my Dad so loved and served locally was slaughtered by a bully from Queens, New York.  A man who used his tongue and his tough guy attitude to club his way to the top of a ticket that calls itself Republican but is not.  I know that because I’ve been a registered Republican for almost fifty years.

Dad was a gentleman and had a saying, “A man only slings mud when he’s losing ground”.  I wonder if Trump will be able to look his son and his grandchildren in the eye and ask them if they were proud of the way he ran his campaign for President in 2016.

Having lived in Jersey all my life I’ve had Donald Trump on my tv screen for decades. He always portrayed himself as a successful businessman with influential friends.  Now the man is exposed for what he truly is. A schoolyard bully. A man who fits the description of a Dark Triad to a tee. I am saddened, depressed and frightened at the thought that my grandchildren could be exposed to this man as President of the United States of America.  A man who is quite comfortable telling lies to fit the truths only he believes.  After listening to his special counsel, Michael Cohen, tonight on CNN I shouldn’t be surprised that he hasn’t released his taxes.  His lawyer is cut from the same mold, a shark that feeds off the blood of the fallen at his feet.  Rude, crude and completely devoid of empathy for anyone.

I am making this public plea to the Internal Revenue Service.  Call off your routine audit of Donald J. Trump immediately!  His lawyer said he has advised his client not to release his taxes until the audit is over. AMERICA, ASK THE IRS TO END THE AUDIT and let us truly see the man behind the curtain.